Cochon Dingue: A case study


With its 35th anniversary just around the corner,
Cochon Dingue wanted to revamp its brand
while staying true to its roots.

The beloved restaurant chain
had seen a number of iterations
over the years.


LMG has a long history of working with Groupe Restos Plaisirs, the restaurant group that owns Cochon Dingue. This definitely wasn’t our first plate of steak frites !

843«Restos Plaisirs»
in 10 years

the challenge

Deliver a new take on an aging brand without sacrificing authenticity or brand awareness. And convince the founding owners that it was time to brave some new horizons !


the solution

Unify and strengthen the brand with a clear, concise identity.


A fun and friendly identity system with a bolder colour palette

Bring out the friendliness and Frenchness of the brand

Draw on turnofthecentury French poster art for the typography


working with the client

The founder of Cochon Dingue had always delighted in typically French expressions. Having sprinkled them throughout his restaurants from the beginning, he was keen to integrate them into the new visual identity.

Today you’ll find them on the menu, the tableware, and the stair risers.

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